Model JHZ-K Series Lab Wet-process Granulator

Model JHZ-K Series Lab Wet-process Granulator

Dedicated equipment used for the wet mixing granulating of powder, starch, adhesives and cream in food, pharmacy and chemistry industries
JHZ-K series Laboratory wet type granulator is dedicated equipment used for the wet mixing granulating of powder, starch, adhesives and cream in food, pharmacy and chemistry industries. It is also applicable for the mixing and granulating of powder materials. The surface and areas contacting the materials of the equipment are made of fine SUS 304. It is equipped with three barrels, providing wide usage and convenience for assembling and disassembling. It completely conforms to the requirements of GMP of pharmacy industry.

Principle of operation

Trough the adequate stirring from the bottom and the spraying of adhesives (or cream) by pressure, the materials in the cone container will be mixed into a moist and soft state. With the cutting of the high-speed parting tool on the side, the materials turn into uniform granules. The requirements of different granules can be met.

Principle diagram
•The main barrel: The tangential structure between the cylinder and the cone is adopted, which is good for stirring materials. The angle between the stirring paddle and the cutting tool is rationally designed, which ensures the optimized effect of mixing and granulating.
•The cutting tool is installed aslant to the straight wall of the barrel, which increases the contacting area between the parting tool and the materials and improves the uniformity of the granules. Besides, the aslant installation of the parting tool can prevent the materials from being sprayed to the cover of the barrel, avoiding the old problem of the traditional cutting. •The efficiency of every new batch is 4 to 5 times higher than that of the traditional technique.
•The whole granulating process of dry mixing and wet mixing is completed in a same airtight container, saving 25% of adhesives and some drying time when compared to the traditional one.
•Operation controlling system: It is controlled by a computer with a touch screen, providing storage space for technical data of several processes. The cutting tool adopts frequency speed, allowing free adjustment on its revolving speed, which meets the requirements of different granulating.
Main technical paramerers
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