High-efficient Sugar Coating/Film Coating Machine

High-efficient Sugar Coating/Film Coating Machine

The equipment is widely used as long as the industry of Chinese and western tablets seed-coating, also suitable for food industry candy pill, chocolates and food seed-coating. Comply with GMP "as long as the" industrial standard


This machine is widely used for coating medical pill in traditional Chinese&Western Medicine, also used for candy and chocolate in food industry.All the equioments are in conformity with "GMP"Medical Standard.

Principle of operation

Slice the core in sealed clean sieve drum, continuously make complex within trajectory. Set according to process flow parameters and requirements, the microcomputer control processing automatically to coating medium through the gun atomization evenly spray to slice core surface (icing media are available, dripped process). Meanwhile roller in sealed negative pressure condition, the hot air supply clean air ark penetrate slice bed, by air suction device through roller bottom screen hole eduction. Make piece core membrane get fast, uniform drying, forming strong smooth surface coating.

Principle diagram


The slice-chip moved continuously along complex tracks in the screen cylinder,which is tightly sealed and clean.According to the parameters and requirements of process flow,the machine automatically spray the coating medium evenly onto the surface of slice-chip through the automization process of praying gun, the process is controlled by MCU(the syrup medium apply drip process). At the same time, the cylinder hot cleaning air which penetrate the slice-bed through the air cabiner, and is exhausted by the suction device through the screen mesh on the bottom of the cylinder so the slicechip film dry quickly and evenly and form a film and soomth surface coat.

Model JGB-C
Operation System: Touch screen, dynamic display. Man-machine interface. Manunal/automatic control, a large number of data storage,and advancing software program.
Adjustable exhaust shutter: saving coating material and energy, improve the coating quality, and enlarge load capacity.
Spiral agitator:Overcome the defects of traditional blender during process, such as pill-hold,pill-crush, pill-lost,pill-break and uneven coating and low density ect.
Frequency peristaltic pump: Adopt data programming frequency regulating speed technology communicating with MCU to control automatically the spraying volume,so the medium is conveyed in fixed amount and can also adjust the degree of squashing distorting of soft pipe, and improve the life of silicone rubber tube.
Tightly sealed structure: Adopt dual-layer elastic silicone rubber,with high tightness.
Spraying gun: No blockage, no leakage,easy to clean and good atomization.

GB-D type high efficient coating machine in type C basis, increase the following functions:

Novel host design: both sides of a host machine adopts the double-layer door hinge structure, sound insulation, easy role; two ends of the box body are increased in width, is conducive to the steel door installation.Using micro pressure transmitter, can automatically control the throttle butterfly valve opening and closing, automatic regulation of air flow, wind pressure, in order to achieve the optimum coating requirements.Process data automatically recorded, stored, and can print.Automatic gas treatment system capable of automatically processing: spray, system selected air purify, and shunt, regulation, accomplish " power cut-off " function, to ensure the normal work of the spray system.Equipped with high-pressure cleaning machine and manual cleaning gun, thoroughly clean and convenient.

JGB-E type high efficient coating machine in type D basis, increase the following functions:
Full-auto control system: the realization of host and control cabinet two screen parallel operation,the two arbitrary control.
It can monitor full coating process in different sites, and the process data can be recorded on magnetic tape and printed out, also can be connected with outer network.
Full-auto cleaning system: full automatic cleaning process under the control of program MCU,also equipped with hand-operation cleaning gun, it is easy to completely clean.

Main technical paramerers

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